Getting started with KiCAD

2020 April 21
KiCAD is an open-source software to design printed circuit boards (PCB). The documentation exists but is spread around forum posts and difficult to find. Even official contributors admit that the documentation is in a bad state. In this article I give an introduction to the software.

glTF workflow with Blender

2020 April 18
Blender 2.80 and higher offer the ability to export 3D models to the glTF format. While this format is versatile it doesn't match every feature of Blender yet. In this article I demonstrate how to create models compatible with the glTF format.

Use web workers with Vue

2020 March 22
I started learning javascript and Vue very recently. At some point I had to find a way to execute long running tasks in the browser without slowing down the user interface itself. Turns out you can do so with web workers but using them with Vue is not properly documented.
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