Security Engineer & Developer
Welcome to my site

This blog is new and I am still migrating my posts from my old blog and my old write-ups.

This website is the place where I store my notes, thoughts and tutorials. I try to log my thought process in my write-ups everytime I start a new security challenge or a CTF. My blog stores other thoughts about technology or programming.


Here are some projects I've worked on at home or at work:

  • In-browser hash calculator
    The goal was to give the ability to anyone to easily compute hashs. Written with Nuxt, Vue and Service Workers.
  • New technologies prototyping
    From webauthn with FIDO2 keys to some OpenID Connect integration, I develop the backend and the front-end.
  • Security Awareness
    I have worked a lot at providing interactive security awareness trainings. I even developed an Escape Game which was greatly appreciated and deployed in multiple establishments!

Get to know me:

I am a curious person interested in security and programming. I love learning new technologies and do it yourself projects. Feel free to contact me at the following address: braincoke+contact@protonmail.com