An introduction to Z-Wave for the end user

2020 December 31
Have you started your own Z-Wave network at home? Or are you considering it? Are you wondering how Z-Wave works so you can make an informed decision before investing too much money in devices or just to be better at troubleshooting your network? Well I think this article is just for you.

Hands on the reMarkable Tablet 2

2020 December 30
I recently got my hands on the reMarkable Tablet 2. This e-ink tablet lets you read ebooks and take notes with a 'paper feel' experience. But the best part of the tablet: it is very hackable and has a thriving hacker community.

The AES decryption algorithm explained

2020 August 11
After encryption comes decryption. In this article I focus on the decryption algorithm of the Advanced Encryption Standard.
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